Laser Hair Removal, Does it Really Last Forever?

Laser hair removal has been going on since 1956 and gotten better throughout the years with technology advancements. Laser hair removal can be done anywhere, the bikini area, underarms, face, legs and more.

Is The Hair Gone Forever?

Depending on the patient it can take anywhere from 3-7 treatments or more, however since the hair is newley gone the first year after the last procedure we reccomend having a touch up every 4 months. Later on you can get a touchup once a year. Everyone’s hair grows at different rates and thickenesses, this process can take a year or more based on your anatomy and how well you respond to the laser. All sessions are spaced out 5-6 weeks, thats something to take into mind when scheduling and commiting. Of course you can try it out and if it dooesn’t workout or your pain tolerence won’t tolerate it, its completely fine to stop whenever you are uncomfortable. Down below is a diagram of how the laser gets the hair follicle and what actually happens.

What To Expect

Before getting this treatment done, refrain from waxing and plucking for six weeks before your appointment (shaving is fine). Limit sun exposure, since we are working with lasers we have to be careful about being in the sun. The laser targets the dark color of the hair follicle and when you are tan it makes it harder for the laser to determine what to hit and could possibly leave you burned or worse.

Can I get it whenever?

This treatment is more seasonal, consultations can happen at anytime during the year but its preffered to do this treatment anytime but summer due to the heat and increase exposure and harshness of the suns rays. Every patient reacts differently, you may feel nothing afterwards or have a slight feeling like sunburn. Its important to stay out of the sun after the procedure and apply moisturizer, sunscreen and refrain from hot showers for a day or two. After and before care is extremely important especially listening to the professionals instructions since this delicate procedure can leave you with pernament burn scarring if you don’t treat it properly.

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