The #1 Product You Need, Hyaluronic Acid

Big question, what is hyaluronic acid? Is it like a peel thing since it says acid? Will it hurt my sensitive skin?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in your skin in the fluids around your eyes and joints and acts like a cushion. But why am I putting it on my face? Its able to bind a thousand times its weight in water meaning that it helps make you skin look more plump. As we age we loose all that plumpness called elastin and collagen, by using hyaluronic acid it reintroduces into the skin and starts the process of spreading and filling out those wrinkles.

Who can use it?

Its perfectly safe for any skin type even if you’re very sensitive since it’s something your body makes, and you dont have to stop using it when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Now lets get into what products to use

Always look at the ingredient list whenever putting anything on your face, if you don’t recognize it look it up or ask your dermatologist whats good to use, especially with your skin. Alastin has a great product called the HA Immerse Serum, this one I highly recommend this. Alastin has created a new peptide using tri-hex technology, if you don’t want to look up an explanation its better at getting products into your skin deeper forcing them to actually work. Youll see changes faster than other products. Not only does it hydrate, plump, but also evens out a little bit of tone and definetly texture.


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