What Is InMode EvolveX?

InMode EvolveX is a single device that uses three separate applicators to provide non-invasive body contouring without downtime. EvolveX’s three individual applicators perform three different tasks: tightening skin, eliminating fat, and toning muscles.

These hands-free applicators are applied directly to targeted areas for treatments that last for 30- to 60-minute increments. In addition, we can use the applicators, called the InMode Tite, Tone, and Transform, to customize your treatment. You can enjoy the benefits of all three, just two, or even one.

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The InMode EvolveX is the only platform that offers three different modalities in one device. Each treatment is completely individualized for your needs and available for several body areas, including the arms, chest, abdomen, legs, and buttocks. The three applicators all work differently, but together, they provide stunning results.

Tone enhances muscle tone through electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), which stimulates continuous muscle contractions in the targeted area. Patients choose the Tone treatment to see washboard abs, lifted and sculpted buttocks, and more defined arms and legs.

These treatments are ideal for patients who are at their ideal body weight but are looking to improve their muscle definition to see leaner, stronger results. Tone treatments don’t impact weight, as muscle weighs more than fat. However, patients can expect to see a more athletic, slender figure.

Tite treatment features eight different applicators that evenly heat the skin and the subdermal layer with radiofrequency energy that contracts and remodels the skin. As a result, patients who undergo Tite treatments see tighter skin immediately from the skin’s constricting response to the thermal energy.

Skin is rejuvenated as the body’s natural healing response stimulates collagen and elastin production. The increase in collagen provides skin with more structure, better tone, and a decrease in the appearance of cellulite.

Transform treatment reduces body fat without surgery. Preferred for larger treatment areas, the Transform works well on the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and hips.

Using both bipolar radiofrequency energy and EMS, InMode EvolveX Transform penetrates the subcutaneous tissue below the skin where fat deposits are stored. Then, intense heat melts fat but leaves the skin intact. Transform destroys fat cells, which are then flushed from the body through the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Even slim patients may have pockets of stubborn fat that seem immune to diet and exercise. The Transform offers a unique opportunity to target specific areas where fat accumulates and permanently eliminate these cells.

Since EvolveX treatments don’t require any downtime and last 30 minutes to an hour, it’s considered a lunchtime procedure.

Before your first EvolveX treatment, you’ll meet with an expert member of the Premiere Aesthetics team to discuss your areas of concern and desired results. Then, we’ll determine the combination of treatments that will best meet your goals.

Patients who include InMode EvolveX Tite as part of their treatment plan will have that device applied first. Patients report a warm, often soothing sensation over the treatment area during Tite treatments, similar to a hot stone massage. Tite treatments last around 30 minutes.

Next, patients undergoing a Tone treatment will switch to those applicators, which stimulate involuntary muscle contractions. Tone treatments start at a lower level of intensity and may have the intensity increased if the patient remains comfortable. Tone treatments offer a unique sensation as the muscles contract.

Since the EvolveX Transform treatments offer two modalities in one, many patients choose just Transform or just Tite and Tone. Transform combines radiofrequency thermal energy with the EMS contractions to provide dramatic results.

Transform treatments often last about 45 minutes, and patients will feel both the soothing warmth of thermal energy and the contractions of EMS involuntary muscle movements.

While every patient’s treatment plan is as individual as the patient themselves, most patients can see results after just one treatment. We typically recommend six to eight treatments spaced one week apart to see optimal results.

After the initial treatment course, patients who choose Tite or Transform as part of their EvolveX plan will continue to improve their skin tone and texture as a response to the body’s increase in collagen production.

Patients who maintain a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet can benefit from their EvolveX treatments for years. Some patients opt for maintenance treatments every few months to keep their tighter, stronger shape.

Patients who undergo EvolveX treatments experience the following results:

Tighter, toned skin
Less cellulite
Smoother look and feel to their skin
Reduction in fat
Lifted, toned appearance
Sculpted muscles
Stronger, more defined muscles
InMode EvolveX treatments benefit the shape and tone of your body and offer a boost in the gym, as your muscles become stronger with more stamina for workouts.



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